Packing The Fragile Items

Packing The Fragile Items

Packing The Fragile Items
Posted on February 9, 2024

If you are planning to move house, you might be wondering how to pack your fragile items safely and securely. Fragile items such as TV, mirrors, crockery and other delicate objects require special care and attention to avoid damage during transit. In this blog post, Hagsveh LTD will share some tips and tricks on what to use to pack your fragile items for removal, based on our experience as a professional removal company.


Your TV is probably one of the most expensive and valuable items in your home, so you want to make sure it arrives at your new place in perfect condition. The best way to pack your TV is to use its original box and packaging materials, if you still have them. If not, you can buy a TV box that fits the size and shape of your screen from a moving supplies store or online. You should also wrap your TV in bubble wrap or moving blankets to provide extra cushioning and protection. Secure the wrapping with tape and make sure there are no loose parts or wires. Label the box as "Fragile" and "This Side Up" and place it upright in the moving truck.


Mirrors are another item that can easily break or crack during a move, so you need to pack them carefully. The first step is to cover the mirror with masking tape in a star or grid pattern. This will help prevent the glass from shattering if it breaks. Then, wrap the mirror in bubble wrap or paper and place it in a flat mirror box that fits snugly around it. You can also use cardboard or foam board to create a custom box for your mirror. Tape the box securely and label it as "Fragile" and "Do Not Lay Flat". Store the mirror vertically in the moving truck and avoid stacking anything on top of it.


Crockery such as plates, bowls, cups and glasses are some of the most common items that get damaged or broken during a move. To pack your crockery properly, you need to use plenty of packing paper, bubble wrap and dish boxes. Start by wrapping each piece of crockery individually in packing paper or bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Then, place them in a dish box that has dividers or cells for each item. You can also use cardboard or foam inserts to create your own dividers. Fill any gaps or spaces with more paper or bubble wrap to prevent movement and cushion any impact. Label the box as "Fragile" and "This Side Up" and place it carefully in the moving truck.

We hope these tips will help you pack your fragile items for removal with confidence and ease. If you need any assistance with your move, don't hesitate to contact us at Hagsveh LTD, your trusted and reliable removal company. We have the expertise, equipment and experience to handle any type of move, big or small, local or long-distance. We will take care of your belongings as if they were our own and ensure a smooth and stress-free moving experience for you.

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