About Us

What hides behind our brand name?

The name HÄGSVEH is a creative way of representing our company's identity and vision. It is derived from the initials of the two founders: Hasnaa Alaoui and Grzegorz Szalbierz. The letters H, A, G and S are also the first letters of the Swedish words for hybrid, autonomous, green and smart. These are the four ...

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Top Last Mile Delivery in Swansea

Welcome to HÄGSVEH LTD, your reliable partner for last-mile delivery services in Swansea, UK. We provide top-notch delivery solutions for a wide range of circumstances, whether you're moving out or moving in, a business or individual selling online, or simply need to transport large and heavy items.

Our team of ...

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Effortless Delivery & Assembly Services

We understand that sometimes delivery is not enough. That's why we offer installation and assembly services if needed to ensure that your large items are delivered and set up exactly where you need them.
Whether you're moving into a new home or office or simply need help setting up furniture or equipment, our team ...
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